Have you ever wanted to wear a cute, short dress on a lovely summer day – only to worry about how it might draw attention to your cactus legs? You can always shave, of course, but who wants to deal with accidental nicks and scratchy regrowth all summer? 

Why not try another hair removal method? Here are some of the benefits of waxing:  

  • waxing procedureWaxing doesn’t just remove hair, but it also helps define and shape the remaining hair in the surrounding area. 
  • It pulls out unwanted hair right at the roots, leaving the skin smooth and hair-free for weeks.
  • Unlike with shaving, the resulting regrowth is usually softer and finer.
  • Regular waxing sessions can wear down the hair follicles, leading to sparse regrowth of hair. 

Ready to try waxing? Here are some things to bear in mind for the smoothest experience (and skin) possible.

1. Do: Exfoliate Before Waxing

It’s best to exfoliate about two days before your waxing appointment. Gentle exfoliation can help make the waxing process go smoother. It removes dead skin cells and helps prevent ingrown hairs. However, the key is to keep it light. Use a soft washcloth or sponge along with sugar-based scrubs with natural oils to gently exfoliate the skin without using any harsh chemicals. 

2. Do: Take a Warm Shower Before Your Waxing Appointment

Take a warm (not hot) shower before waxing. Doing so helps open up the pores to make waxing easier and more comfortable. 

3. Do: Schedule Waxing Appointments Regularly!

Regular waxing appointments pull out the hair at the roots and can potentially result in finer regrowth. You’ll also have a more comfortable experience once you get used to getting waxed regularly.  

4. Don’t: Shave Before Or Between Waxing Sessions

The experts at ReJuverie advise against shaving before or in between waxing sessions. This is mainly because of two reasons: 

  • First, the length of your hair should be between 1/4 to 1/2 inches if you want to achieve the best results. (Remember that wax doesn’t stick to very short hairs.)
  • Second, shaving in between waxing can increase the risk of ingrowns and cause a lot of discomfort in your next waxing session. 

5. Don’t: Get a Tan Right Before Or After Waxing

Getting a tan or sunbathing before a wax can make your skin more sensitive and could lead to a lot of discomfort during waxing. Moreover, you should avoid going out in the sun because excessive sun exposure can increase the risk of sunburns and hyperpigmentation. This applies to all the types of waxing, including brow and Brazilian waxes. 

7. Don’t: Moisturize On the Day of Your Waxing Appointment

After you take a shower, skip putting on lotion, creams, or moisturizers on the area you plan to wax on the day of the appointment. Skip all that for one day because too much lotion and moisturizing products interfere with the wax’s grip. 

First time booking a waxing appointment? Don’t hesitate to ask questions and to shop around before you commit to a treatment provider. 

At ReJuv, we make sure that each of our clients in Erie, PA get the best waxing experience – whether it’s their first or fifteenth time. Schedule your appointment today!